Sunday, 29 April 2012

FROST (A2) will not be 'FROSTIES' without THEM.. XD

Everything in FROST starts with our TUTOR...
She is Miss Nirmala ( our tutor).. Even though she looks fierce, she is very friendly as she is a member of our big big family XD.. She always jokes around with us.. hahax xD

The next IMPORTANT person is our CLASS REP.. Alif a.k.a DOREMON ( as he really looks like a Doremon)
He is the most 'gentle' man I have ever seen as he has a very soft body which helps him to dance gracefully in class like SNSD... Sometimes I feel he is a little bit girlish, but I really  like him =) because he is very jovial and cheerful person..

In my class, we always hold the motto "All For ONE, and One For ALL".. Thus, I would like to introduce the guys first..

From the Left, that is AFIF, he may look very shy and quiet.. but, his true colour is totally different from what you see, he likes to dance and disturb people most of the time... While, on the Right he is AMAN.. He is Frosties 'Happy Happy Potion'.. He always gets his way to make people laugh.. And he brings a lot of joy to Frost..

Next, I would like to introduce you the girls starting with the older Frosties.. (The Kakak's Gang)

From the left is Fadiah (fake kakak), next to is Kak NAD ( The quiet and cool sis), then the middle one is Kak MIRA ( The friendly one), followed by Kak YAN (The pretty and good looking) and lastly, Kak MIDAH a.k.a. HAMAS ( The hyperactive one).. It may seem that these sisters are  bullies, but actually, they are not.. They are loving and caring.. which makes the FROSRTIES close and united.. XD

There is the other Kakak and her best friend.. From the Left ( The SMILY girl ALIYA, she will always smile or laugh in every situation) and from the Right (Kak Fifi- the 'dry per' promoter) she is a very caring sister as well, as she always taking care of us, especially me.. XD

The other 'sister' is LUIZA AKA.. We always call her Luiza Chellum ( which means love Luiza aka) XD She is the most sexy 'aka' or sister as she is a very talented dancer.

When there is LUIZA there is KOMATHY.. The two lovely sisters are best of friends..

Even though she is serious in her work, when she smiles, the hearts of my male classmates MELT.. XD

Next are My DESK MATE FROSTIES... ^^ 

First is my beloved 'MUMMY'.. SYAIMA..
This is SYAIMA.. My mama, because she is too too too caring, friendly and loving that I'm willing to be her daughter XD.. 

She is Faten.. I usually call her Aten, because it makes me feel more closer.. She is the coolest girl I ever met.. She smiles, she laughs, she scolds, but in the end, she shows me love more then anything else XD.. 

Nik Z. (the girl below) is the most hyperactive girl with a very sweet and wonderful voice..

She, is my best friend.. we can be considered the noisiest girls in FROSTIES.. We always laugh together, whispering secret most of the time..

The next girl is Cheah Ying Yee (FISH).. The most lovely Chinese girl with a sweet sweet voice.. 
Fish is not only my classmate but also my housemate.. She loves Fish very much until she chose Room F as her room.. XD 

My class (FROST) also has a poetic..

The girl with black 'TUDUNG' is Adila.. I always call her Dila.. She is very poetic and she can read poem very well too ^^

Frost softest girl.. XD

The cheerful girl with two fingers on her cheeks is Ida.. She is not only soft, but also very cheerful and sweet..

Here comes Iman and Tirah.. The Kelantanese..

The girl with CREAM colour tudung is Fatirah (Tirah) and the girl with Purple colour tudung is Iman.. They often speak Kelantanese Malay and from them I learn Kelantanese Malay.

Frost smallest girl.. Wearing paper 'CHEONG SAM' with two roses on the hat..

She is SHUBA not only the smallest but also the cutest girl in Frost.. She lives in KAJANG which is next to CYBERJAYA..

The fashionable ones.. 

Here is Wawa (left) and Nazhatul a.k.a Dorina (right) their fashion styles are always up to date.. They are very pretty as well..

The girl with many 'LEH' in class..

 She is Xin Yi (7e).. She is the only Chinese girl in FROST with most 'Leh' in every sentence.

And lastly, this is me.. Evelyn Ng ..

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