Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Hobbies

I have not much hobby, there are only a few things that i usually do when I have free time.. 
The First thing I will do is CREATING BOOKMARK

I like to do bookmark because I feel that it is fun and interesting..

The second thing I like to do is PLAYING PIANO 
I like to listen to music, so when I have free time, I like to play out my favorite music..

The Third thing that I usually do is WATCHING TELEVISION and PLAYING WITH RUBY CUBIC
This is because I truly believe that watching television and playing ruby cubic can release stress...
But, please don't watch television like this little boy, or else, you will get short sighted  eyes...

You are welcome to learn some formula from me.. I'm willing to teach you XD

Lastly, I will also READ SOME BOOKS OR MAGAZINE during my free time..  

Of cause, I will not read like this little boy...
But maybe this is how I read together with my friends...

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