Thursday, 19 April 2012

Where is my Favorite Artist ?

This question really strikes me when my lecture (Pn. Marjan) asked me about this question.. Seriously, I have no idea who is my favorite artist... But, thanks to Fish.. Suddenly talking bad about a Singapore singer  JJ Lin; I only realize that he is my favorite artist. 

This is JJ Lin. My favorite artist <3
Lin was born in Singapore and graduated from Anglo-Chinese School and Saint Andrew's Junior College before joining the Singapore Armed Forces.
He is of overseas Chinese descent. In addition to English, Mandarin and Hokkien, he is also able to speak Cantonese and has released several cover versions of his songs in Cantonese. He came to musical prominence and success in the Greater China region. In Taiwan, he was awarded the "Best New Artist" award in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. This is why I like him .. 

All his song was very nice, his latest new song is Love U U. Means I love you, very very much, even thought we are separated now. Sad right? But the meaning of the lyric is very meaningful. 

This is the song I was talking about [ LOVE U U]

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