Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My First Event in a New College (KIC) - MERDEKA-RAYA

The first even I have was Merdeka- Raya; that is the combination of Merdeka and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The even was held for two days, that is from Friday to Saturday. It was my actually my first time seeing students are the one who took charge of a even whereby they themselves have to prepare an invitation cards for lectures, do programme book and etc. I was really moved to see their efforts in doing sure a wonderful and grand events.  This two days event will be held in the auditorium room..

For the first day, that is Friday.... We start with decorating the auditorium room and played some game..
There is Azman (A4) and his friend, try to put the ribbons on top of the wall...

My classmate- Afif, using all his power to just bow a balloon.. And you can see how serious he is :) hahax xD

Some of my college-mates were resting as they all were to tired blowing balloons, walking up and down, up and down so many times, to decorate the auditorium room..

Yaya (A1) was playing and counting the balloons needed at the same time, and this was her picture proving that she is enjoy doing it.. Hehex 

Here comes HERCULES-Azman, A2 ( our hero for the day) as he helps us to carry the ladder up and down..
Why I say he is the HERCULES? Because the way he carry the ladder is totally different form, a normal human, which makes him looks so cool.. XD

After decorating the auditorium room, we continue our activity with "Sukan Tara".. And We all have a lot of fun during that hours ^^
The 1st activity is :- FASHION DESIGN
This is my class (Frosties) model- Kak Mira..

This is Mus from A5.. I think he is the most handsome model I have ever seen.. Like TRANSFORMER..  

The 2nd activity is :- KISS THE FLOUR 
This is what had happened when they are too in love with the flour.. XD

The 3rd activity is :-THE LONGEST LINE

My classmate who took part in this activity are planning some strategy.. XD 

Some other classes even join their body by lying down on the floor in order to win for the longest line.. Too cute already..

The 4th activity is :- COCONUT BOWLING 
Here is my class hero.. Afif, who score STRIKE for a few time and won this game.. You can see how focus and cool  he is to win for Robert Frost.. ^^ 

The 5th activity is :-  LAUGHING HYENA

I'm just beside Nik, trying to stay focus and serious so that I will not hame any mistake while laughing haha like the LAUGHING HYENAS.. Hehex xD

 The 6th activity is :-  KEPIT BUAH KELAPA
As you can see Opie from group A1 has already getting ready to start the game.. hahax xD

 The 6th activity is :- MAKIN JAUHU MAKIN SAYANG
My lovely classmate, Dorima and Alif trying to show love to the water balloon as they get further and further..

But there is too mush strength wanting to catch the water balloon, there is always an accident happened..

See, the balloon has burst and Alif is wet.. Hahax XD

After all the activity and decoration, before we went back to hostel; we have our final rehearsal in the auditorium room together with our lecture Tuan haji Tahir.. 
Everyone seems very tired in this picture after spending the whole day in college..

For the second day, that is Saturday.... We start the Merdaka-Raya celebration in the morning.. 

Everyone seems so fresh and excited early in the morning, looking forward for the first even that happened in my college, so am I ^^

My class is the first class who did a performance, by singing a Raya song..

The next to perform is Chinese modern dance, That is 6 people are dancing together including me ^^ 

 After the Chinese performance, Dickinson class was the next to performed.. They also sang One Malaysia and A Raya song..

 On that day too, we are so one Malaysia that we got Malay, Chinese and Indian song as well^^ 

After a short break, Sherly class was the next to Perform.. They sang a Raya song as well..

Jeng Jeng.. Here come the Indian dance which involves a lot of waist exercise... Make them looks SEXY.. XD

They even have an arrangement of short to tall in their dance..

Before the whole two days activity ends.. The lecture were asked to the stage and dance together with us as well.. And everyone is enjoying the dance .. Included me ^^ 

There you see me with the purple Baju Kurung.. like dancing Rumba.. hahahax.. ^^ 

In conclusion, I'm very happy that I was permitted to join this Merdeka-Raya event in my college with all my college-mates. I really had a lot of fun there.. XD

~The End~ 
~Thank you~

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